I have a Prac!!!

After weeks of waiting and spending most of the day checking InPlace I finally found out where I will be for the next three weeks.

My first thought was to work out how to get my children to school. My son is extremely happy because, as his school is on my way to my Prac school, he will be getting a lift to school for the next three week. Not so easy is getting my two daughters to school however, after looking into school bus routes and chatting to friends it looks like we have Plans A, B and C ready to go, all depending on what time I will be required to start and how bad the traffic will be getting there. Its times like these I remember how lucky I am to work at my daughters’ school just 7 minutes down the road.

Once that was settled the excitement really hit. I love doing Pracs because despite the steep learning curve and huge workload I get SO much out of them. I am a sponge, soaking up every little idea, strategy and piece on information that I can while being constantly reminded that teaching IS what I want to do……as opposed to typing assignment after assignment with perfect APA referencing.

Now…..back to one of those pesky assignments 🙂


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